Jaco Pastorius: “Continuum” Live

I came across this video of Jaco performing “Continuum” live at the 1979 Berlin Jazz Festival.  He uses a wireless system and walks around the auditorium while playing this classic composition from his debut album. If you’re new to […]


Tree of Sound

Today let’s look at how different woods create different tonal characteristics.  Remember, how the wood looks often has very little impact on how it sounds. Here is a great article from Active Bass member Kasra […]


Jazz Jam Sessions: A First-Timer’s Guide

From The Vault.  I thought I’d lighten things up with a hilarious article from Bill Anschell.  Bill is an accomplished jazz pianist, composer, arranger, and humorist. Here is an article that gives great insight into the self inflicted trauma that […]


Fernando Lamadrid

What’s up with all these European bassists?  They are learning all the classics and fusing them into an new and eclectic style. Here is Fernando Lamadrid blending some Rocco, Marcus, Jaco, Billy, and Flea all into one tune.  I’m […]


Bone Machine by Tom Waits

Today’s Essential Record is Bone Machine by Tom Waits.  Tom is one of the master songwriters of the modern era, and this album is one of his finest works.  Bone Machine takes you on a journey to […]


Chromatic Mediant Modulation

Today’s post is an excellent analysis by David Bennett Thomas of Wagner’s Prelude to Act 1 from Tristan and Isolde.  In his videos, he analyzes Western European music with both traditional music theory (below the music) […]


Atavachron by Allan Holdsworth

Today’s Essential Record is Atavachron by Allan Holdsworth. If you traveled to a planet in a distant galaxy populated by a highly advanced alien life form, and then, after landing, you went into the local alien bar, this record would […]


Pedulla MVP and Buzz Basses

Today let’s take a look at a couple of basses from Michael Pedulla at Pedulla Guitars. Pedulla has been hand crafting basses in the U.S.A since the mid 1970’s, and his designs are interesting and […]


Veillette Archtop Bass

Joe Veillette of Veillette Guitars has been designing and building unusual guitars and basses for over 30 years.  I first played his Paris Model bass a few years ago and was struck by the interesting […]


Arpeggios: Part 2

Today’s post is Part 2 in a series on learning how to play and use arpeggios on the bass.  Part 1 is here. An arpeggio is a musical technique where notes in a chord are […]


Origins of the Bass

This was the very first post here at EveryDay Bass.  It’s such an interesting documentary that I’ve decided to re-post it.  Take a few minutes and learn about the history of the bass and how […]


Technique: Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan is one of rock’s iconic bassists.  His style includes 3 finger right hand picking, double hand tapping, harmonics, and more.  Being self taught, he has created some unusual techniques that might inspire new ideas in […]


Bass Setup: The Basics

Today we’re going to take a cursory look at how to set up your bass.  There are many variables:  nut height, neck relief, saddle height, pickup height, and string length (intonation).  It’s important to understand […]