“Nuages Gris”: A Harmonic Analysis

Today let’s take a look at the piano piece “Nuages Gris” (Gray Clouds) by Franz Liszt.  David Bennett Thomas produced this informative video analysis of this unusual work.  In his videos, he analyzes Western European music with […]


Chromatic Mediant Modulation

Today’s post is an excellent analysis by David Bennett Thomas of Wagner’s Prelude to Act 1 from Tristan and Isolde.  In his videos, he analyzes Western European music with both traditional music theory (below the music) […]


The Fab Faux: Abbey Road Medley

Bassist Will Lee founded a group called The Fab Faux.  They cover The Beatles songbook note for note.  There are many Beatles cover bands, but these guys dissect the tracks and recreate the songs exactly as recorded.  I keep coming back to their […]


Rhythm: Jojo Mayer

As a bass player it’s important to lock in with the drummer, so it’s helpful to watch drummers talk about how they approach rhythm and groove. Today let’s look at the great Swiss drummer Jojo Mayer.  His style is […]


Origins of the Bass

This was the very first post here at EveryDay Bass.  It’s such an interesting documentary that I’ve decided to re-post it.  Take a few minutes and learn about the history of the bass and how […]


Obscure Music: Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell is one of those rare musicians that can effortlessly move through the continuum of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Experimental, Noise, Country, and Roots music all while maintaining a unique identity that transcends classification.  Today let’s look at a few songs from two […]


Musique Obscure: Claude Debussy

Today’s Obsure Music is from French composer Claude Debussy.  Unless you’re an orchestral bassist, you probably won’t be playing this music on a gig anytime soon. So why listen?  Before recording technology, composers spent considerable time writing, rewriting, orchestrating, and polishing […]


Obscure Music: Eric Dolphy

Eric Dolphy is one of those rare musicians who is able to weave multiple styles and genres into a unique tapestry of sound.  Today let’s take a listen to his avant-garde tour de force Out to Lunch.  […]


Obscure Music: Igor Stravinsky

Today’s Obscure Music selection is The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky.  It premiered in April of 1913 to much uproar including a riot on opening night.  We’re trying to listen to some music outside our orbit, […]


Obscure Music: Charles Mingus

I’ve been working with some upright bass students recently, so I thought we would look at the classic album Mingus Ah Um from bassist and composer Charles Mingus.  A true classic by a great American composer and bassist.  Check it out. Charles […]


Musique Obscure: Maurice Ravel

This is one of my favorite compositions from French composer Maurice Ravel.  Will this help your bass playing?  Probably not.  But you should take a day off once in a while.  If only I would heed my […]


Bernstein: The Unanswered Question (Part 2)

Part two in a six part series by Leonard Berstein.  Part one is here.  This lecture discusses musical syntax. From The Leonard Berstein Website: At the beginning of his first Norton Lecture, Leonard Bernstein explained the importance of “inter-disciplinary […]