Bone Machine by Tom Waits

Today’s Essential Record is Bone Machine by Tom Waits.  Tom is one of the master songwriters of the modern era, and this album is one of his finest works.  Bone Machine takes you on a journey to […]


Atavachron by Allan Holdsworth

Today’s Essential Record is Atavachron by Allan Holdsworth. If you traveled to a planet in a distant galaxy populated by a highly advanced alien life form, and then, after landing, you went into the local alien bar, this record would […]


Pink Moon by Nick Drake

Today’s Essential Record is Pink Moon by Nick Drake.   The third and last album of his short career, Pink Moon was recorded in just 4 hours over two days.  Drake creates a fragile, mournful, and strangely beautiful world.  Check it out. […]


Superunknown by Soundgarden

Today’s Essential Record is Superunknown  by Soundgarden.  The 1990’s were a revival of guitar rock, and Soundgarden were at the forefront.  Heavy riffs, catchy melodies, odd meters, and unusual tunings make this record a classic. The album’s recording sessions […]


Odelay by Beck

Today’s Essential Record is Odelay by Beck.  Some records just need to be heard to be believed.  Odelay is one of them.  Classic. Beck Hansen is an American musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He rose to fame […]


Dummy by Portishead

Today’s Essential Record is Dummy by Portishead.  Released in 1994, this record is an eerie siren song, luring the listener to the jagged rocks. Dark and haunting with sparse, sensuous grooves, this record creates a strange and mysterious […]


Bright Size Life by Pat Metheny

Today’s Essential Record is Pat Metheny’s debut album Bright Size Life.  It was recorded in Germany over 3 days in December of 1975 and released in 1976.  Pat Metheny is on guitar, Jaco Pastorius on bass, […]


Legend by Bob Marley and the Wailers

Today’s Essential Record is Legend from Bob Marley and the Wailers.  If you look up ‘bass groove’ in the dictionary, this should be one of the top three definitions.  In some music, the bass is […]