Ozark Resonator Bass


Man of Steel

I was looking around the Internet and I stumbled across this cool 4 string resonator bass.  It’s constructed of nickel plated steel with a lipstick pickup and a biscuit resonator.  After seeing the videos and hearing the tone of this bass, I really want to try one.  Ozark’s website is here.

Below are two videos of the Resonator Bass in action played by Alessandro Corsi of the duo La Vague.  He is a fantastic player.  His YouTube page is here.  In the first video the bass is running through an amp.  Huge beefy tone with a gritty pick-like attack even when played with the fingers.  (I mentioned it’s made of steel, right?)  The second video is just the bass and a mic.  It doesn’t have quite the muscular tone, but it still sounds good.  Great stuff.


“Straight Contrariwise” by La Vague

“Lady Madonna” Solo Bass played by Alessandro Corsi