“Nuages Gris”: A Harmonic Analysis


Call me Franz.

Today let’s take a look at the piano piece “Nuages Gris” (Gray Clouds) by Franz LisztDavid Bennett Thomas produced this informative video analysis of this unusual work.  In his videos, he analyzes Western European music with both traditional music theory (below the music) and jazz/pop changes (above the music).

From David Bennett Thomas:

This short composition by Liszt exemplifies two concepts he used in the late Romantic period:  a push towards total chromaticism, and the use of new scales and modes to create new harmonic structures.  This foreshadowed Debussy’s use of non-tertian harmonies that are extracted from scales and modes.  These were new ways of thinking about the creation of chordal structures, and opened the door to the 20th century.

“Gray Clouds” – a dark and haunting piece by Franz Liszt.

Harmonic Analysis by David Bennett Thomas


“Nuages Gris” by Liszt  (Higher Quality Sound)