Ron Carter’s Bass Line to “Autumn Leaves”

RonCarter2I came across this outstanding transcription of Ron Carter’s complete bass line to “Autumn Leaves” from the Miles Davis album Miles in Berlin.  The album was  released in 1964, and this is the classic mid-60’s lineup with Miles, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams.  Ron Carter’s bass work on this record is outstanding.  He shifts seamlessly from a 2 feel, 6/8 feel, and straight 4 feel, all the while adding unusual substitutions and pedal points over the harmony.  The interplay between Herbie, Ron, and Tony is eerie – they probe and mine different feels and rhythms and push and pull the harmony almost to its breaking point.

This line was transcribed and uploaded by Thomas Kolarczyk.  His YouTube page has some great transcriptions.  Check it out here.

“Autumn Leaves” with the Miles Davis Quintet (Bass Transcription by Thomas Kolarczyk)