Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus

Today let’s look at the Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus.  Most bass chorus pedals destroy the low end, leaving the audience feeling sea sick and wondering where the bass player went.  This pedal seems to have solved those problems.  Check it out.

From Tech 21:

You had me at 'boost'.

You had me at “boost”.

When we designed the Boost Chorus pedals we went back to the ’70s, when choruses were rich, smooth and manly. We figured out what made these vintage stompboxes sound so good and poured that knowledge into a new kind of chorus pedal with greatly improved performance and a whole slew of never-before-heard sounds. Slapback, echo, flanging and doubling effects are all possible from the modestly named Boost Chorus pedals.

It features the same control set as the standard Boost Chorus, including the Multi Voice switch, but differs in having a Detune control in place of the Pre-Delay. The Detune control adjusts the pitch of the choral voices, adding sonic girth to create thick, lush, bass-perfect chorus. Speed and Depth controls add modulation, so at minimum your fundamental notes are preserved. Finally, a chorus that works in harmony with your bass.

Click here for a interesting review from Premiere Guitar.

Below are some video demo’s of the Bass Boost Chorus in action.

Ben from Your Favorite Enemies

Brett Kingman

Wade Craver of NorCal Bassix