The Fab Faux: Abbey Road Medley

FabFaux2Bassist Will Lee founded a group called The Fab Faux.  They cover The Beatles songbook note for note.  There are many Beatles cover bands, but these guys dissect the tracks and recreate the songs exactly as recorded.  I keep coming back to their live performance of the Medley from Abbey Road.  No overdubs.  Awesome.  Their website is here.

The Fab Faux is a musical tribute band performing the works of The Beatles (whose members were often known as the “Fab Four”). The group was founded by Will Lee, bassist for Late Show with David Letterman, and features Jimmy Vivino, bandleader for Conan. Other members include Rich Pagano, Frank Agnello, and Jack Petruzzelli. The band performs live accurate reproductions of The Beatles repertoire, with an emphasis on the material The Beatles never played live. Often, the band is accompanied by a horn section (known as the Hogshead Horns) and a string section (known as the Creme Tangerine Strings) to achieve the proper sound.

Below are videos of The Fab Faux session, the original Abbey Road recording, and the isolated bass.  Look for Classic Bass Line posts on all of the parts of this medley in the future.

The Fab Faux play The Beatles Abbey Road Medley Live


Isolated Bass