Pedulla MVP and Buzz Basses


Prototype from Area 51

Today let’s take a look at a couple of basses from Michael Pedulla at Pedulla Guitars.

Pedulla has been hand crafting basses in the U.S.A since the mid 1970’s, and his designs are interesting and unique.  At the heart of his line are the MVP (fretted) and the Buzz (fretless).  Like most boutique basses, these have active pickups, specialty woods, unusual finishes, and high-end hardware.  The body and the neck are carved out of maple, which gives these basses a sparkling high end – especially good for the fretless version.

Check out Pedulla’s website here Here is an interesting interview with Michael Pedulla about his career.

Click here for the specifications of MVP and BuzzHere is an in depth look at different woods, pickups, finishes, and hardware.  At the bottom are several sound samples of these basses.  Very cool!

Doug Johns playing a Pedulla MVP 4 String

“Pocket Full of Nasty”

“Bass in Your Face”


Jeff Schmidt on a Pedulla Pentabuzz 5 String Fretless

“And I Crumble”


Pentabuzz 5 String Demo with Doug Johns