Pink Moon by Nick Drake

Today’s Essential Record is Pink Moon by Nick Drake.   The third and last album of his short career, Pink Moon was recorded in just 4 hours over two days.  Drake creates a fragile, mournful, and strangely beautiful world.  Check it out.

A singular talent who passed almost unnoticed during his brief lifetime, Nick Drake produced several albums of chilling, somber beauty. With hindsight, these have come to be recognized as peak achievements of both the British folk-rock scene and the entire rock singer/songwriter genre.  His was a much darker vision than his contemporaries, with disturbing themes of melancholy, failed romance, mortality, and depression lurking just beneath, and sometimes well above, the surface. Ironically, Drake has achieved a far greater stature in the decades following his death, with an avid cult following that grows by the year.

NickDrake3Pink Moon is the third and final studio album by the English folk musician Nick Drake, released on February 25, 1972. It was recorded at midnight in two separate two-hour sessions, over two days in October 1971, featuring only Nick Drake’s vocals and guitar, as well as some piano later overdubbed by Drake on the title track. 

Pink Moon more than anything else is the record that made Drake the cult figure he remains. It is certainly the bleakest of all his records.  Few performers could ever achieve the calm, focused anguish of this album, as harrowing as it is attractive. 

Pink Moon by Nick Drake

01. Pink Moon – 00:00

02. Place To Be – 2:02

03. Road – 4:44

04. Which Will – 6:45

05. Horn – 9:41

06. Things Behind The Sun – 11:02

07. Know – 14:56

08. Parasite – 17:20

09. Free Ride – 20:55

10. Harvest Breed – 23:59

11. From The Morning – 25:34