Veillette Archtop Bass

Veillette2Joe Veillette of Veillette Guitars has been designing and building unusual guitars and basses for over 30 years.  I first played his Paris Model bass a few years ago and was struck by the interesting design.  With its single cutaway, chambered body, and magnetic/piezo pickup combination, the Paris has the elements of an acoustic guitar, upright bass, and electric bass all rolled into one instrument.

Now they have released a new Archtop Model that is similar to the Paris but has a beautifully crafted arched top with a triangular soundhole.  This bass comes in many different wood combinations, all of which can be customized to taste.  Boutique basses often look better than they sound (some would be better suited as coffee tables instead of musical instruments) but Joe’s philosophy has been to make functional basses – the fact that this archtop is gorgeous is a happy coincidence.  Veillette’s website is here.

Below are some video demos of the Veillette Archtop in action.  Check it out.

From Bass Player Magazine with Jonathan Herrera (Cedar top  and mahogany back)

From walbassist  (Spruce top and poplar back)

With Martin Keith

With Kyle Esposito