Fender Jazz Bass Shootout

Jazz in the grass.

Jazz in the grass.

I found this interesting head to head sound test of various Fender Jazz Basses at NoTreble.com.

Guitar Bank created this video comparing the following:

2000 USA Jazz – Alder body, Rosewood neck

1995 MEX Jazz – Alder body,  Rosewood neck

1993 JAP Jazz – Basswood body, Rosewood Neck

2007 USA Jazz – Ash body,  Maple neck

Same strings, Little Mark Bass Preamp- EQ off, Apogee sound card.

My initial thoughts:  The Alder USA Jazz is the most versatile or the basses and has the classic Jazz sound in all styles.

The Mexican Jazz is above average, but it has a undesirable midrange ‘honk’ when played slap style.

The Japanese Jazz is ok, but not great.

The Ash USA Jazz is best at the slap style, as you would expect.

Check it out.

Fender Jazz Bass Shootout by Guitar Bank