Technique: Billy Sheehan


Is it me, or does this neck look extra long?

Billy Sheehan is one of rock’s iconic bassists.  His style includes 3 finger right hand picking, double hand tapping, harmonics, and more.  Being self taught, he has created some unusual techniques that might inspire new ideas in your playing.

Below is his instructional video from 1989.  There’s a lot of unintentional comedy in this video, but try and look past the hair styles (and Wolf Marshall’s horrid music note sweater) to the wealth of information that Billy provides.

He talks about everything from position playing, setup, gear, picking, tapping, scales, harmonics, you name it.  A great resource.  Billy is an amazing player and a genuinely humble guy.  Check out his website here.

Part 1 – (Setup, Strings, Strap Length)

Part 2 – (Hardware, Pickups, Electronics)

Part 3 – (Right Hand Picking Technique)

Part 4 – (Right Hand Continued)

Part 5 – (Left Hand Technique)

Part 6 – (Double Hand Technique)

Part 7 – (Double Hand Technique Continued)

Part 8 – (Harmonics)

Part 9 – (Bass Solo)