The Six Fingered Man: Part 2


This is what happens when your father is also your brother.

Today is Part 2 of the Six Fingered Man.  Part 1 is here.

Some players have worked up the speed and complexity of their solos to such a virtuosic level that I’ve nicknamed them “The Six Fingered Men”.  You’ll need an extra finger to cover some of the songs below.  Good luck and remember – it not the speed that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.

Let’s start with an interesting video from Michael Manring.  He’s known for playing a new agey, kind of annoying, slightly whiny style of music.  I am intrigued.  Here he is with a custom Zon Bass of his own design called the Hyperbass.  It has multiple de-tunable levers on both the tuning keys and the bridge which allow him to change the tuning of each string while it’s ringing.  How Six Fingered of him.

“Selene” by Michael Manring

Next up is the legendary Louis Johnson playing a MusicMan StingrayImpossible to slap like that without the extra finger.  I’m sure of it.

Finishing up with one of my favorites.  The inimitable Carles Benavent playing on his Jerzy Drozd Barcelona Signature bass.  Strung E-C, semi-hollow.  Song starts at 1:14.  Awesome!  Six digits can get it done!