MXR Bass Octave Deluxe

I was looking into Bass Octave pedals, so I decided to write a post about the MXR Bass Octave Deluxe .

Every bassist should have an octave pedal, and MXR’s all analog M288 seems to be a great choice.  I have been researching octave pedals recently, and the Bass Deluxe has some great reviews and ratings.  (For additional reviews, FAQ’s, and specs, go to MXR’s page for this pedal here.)

Here’s an excerpt from a review by Jeremy Cohen originally posted at  The full review is here.

Over the years, I have owned a variety of pedals including the Boss OC-2 pedal and the EBS Octabass. Now that I have had the MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe for a while, I can say that this pedal gets the sound for which  I have been searching for years.  One of the features necessary in an octave pedal is good tracking and this pedal definitely tracks well, not only for single notes, but also for double stops (two notes at once).

mxroctave3The next feature you need in the pedal is the ability to mix your straight bass sound with the octave sound and once again this pedal comes through using a control which is called Dry. Turning this dial all the way to the left will give you just the octave sound and to the right will give you almost no octave sound. You will want to start with the control and the middle and then adjust it to get the blend you want.

The unique feature of the MXR pedal is that it has two distinctly different octave bass sounds. MXR calls one sound Girth and this is a clean and smooth octave-below sound. The other sound is called Growl. This sound has more bite and to me it sounds very much like a synth bass doubling your notes. The two sounds have independent controls and can be blended together, giving this pedal a wide range of available sounds.

There is also a mid-range boost switch and the particular frequency and intensity of this boost can easily be adjusted with an internal slide switch and trim pot.  I like the sound of this boost the way it was set at the factory, but your mileage may differ.

Other features of the pedal are its extremely small size and internal circuitry which will keep the unit functioning properly even if the battery voltage starts dropping. The pedal is also true-bypass, which means that your signal completely bypasses all internal circuitry when the pedal  is switched off.


Below is Ed Friedland’s (AKA The Bass Whisperer) review of the Bass Octave Deluxe.  As always, Ed does a great job presenting all of the different sounds this pedal has to offer.

Ed Friedland Video Demo


Uriah Duffy’s Video Demo


Demo from Dunlop