The Six Fingered Man

Wait until thou hearest my prodigious solo.

Wait until thou hearest my prodigious solo.

Since Jaco took over the bass world in 1976, we’ve seen countless bass players head down the road to the mystical land of “Lead Bass”.  (I’ve been down there myself – it’s a long and lonely road). Many bassist have practiced countless hours in order to play some blazing solos for the crowd.  Mostly, the crowd yawns.

Does that mean that we bassists should stop pursuing technical flights of fancy?  Probably, but that’s never stopped us before.

Some players have worked up the speed and complexity of their solos to such a virtuosic level that I’ve nicknamed them “The Six Fingered Men”.  You’ll need an extra finger to cover some of the songs below.  Good luck and remember – it not the speed that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.

Jeff Schimdt is a monster solo bassist.  He plays a left handed Pedulla bass, but it is strung in reverse.  Low strings at the bottom, high strings at the top.  I wouldn’t even know where to start.  Here he is on a fretless 5 string Pedulla with Piccolo tuning.

Next up is Casey Anderson playing Pat Metheny’s guitar solo on “All The Things You Are” from the album Question and Answer.  On a four string Fender Jazz Bass. Are you kidding me?

Finally, Billy Sheehan using his patented 3 finger picking technique and frenzied right hand tapping.  Wild.