Nine Inch Nails – Live

JMJ and Trent

JMJ and Trent

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has been creating expansive and explosive music for a while now.  On his NINJA tour in 2009, his team videotaped many of the performances walking around onstage.  It’s interesting to watch the show from that perspective.  Also, his live band might be the best out there right now.  Amazing complexity for only four musicians.

Justin Meldal-Johnson played bass on the NIN JA tour.  JMJ is a highly versatile bassist, songwriter, and producer.  Aside from his work with NIN, he has also played on almost every Beck record to date, and is an accomplished studio bassist.  Justin’s website is here.  Along with longtime guitarist Robin Finck, the drummer on this tour was Ilan Rubin.  Rubin is an amazing young drummer.  He has quite a career ahead of him.

NIN are on tour right now in support of their new album Hesitation Marks.

Outstanding performances.  (Make sure to watch the video of “Cars” with special guest Gary Numan.)

“The Fragile”


“The Becoming”

“Piggies” from Soundcheck

“Cars” by Gary Numan w/NIN