Obscure Music: Bill Frisell


O Captain!…

Bill Frisell is one of those rare musicians that can effortlessly move through the continuum of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Experimental, Noise, Country, and Roots music all while maintaining a unique identity that transcends classification.  Today let’s look at a few songs from two different Bill Frisell albums.  The first set is with bassist Dave Holland and drummer Elvin Jones.  The second is with bassist Ron Carter and drummer Paul Motian.  Bill’s website is here.

With heavyweight jazz players like Holland, Carter, Motian, and Jones on these recordings,  you would expect a somewhat jazz influenced sound.  Instead, we enter the ghostly Frisellian universe, full of the specters and wraiths of cowboys and saloon owners wandering the deserted streets of a long abandoned mining town, lost under the dark gray sky.  Check it out.

Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones (2001)


“Blues Dream”

“Strange Meeting”


Bill Frisell with Ron Carter and Paul Motian (2006)

“Worse and Worse”