“My Generation” by The Who


The who?

Today’s Classic Bass Line is from “My Generation” by The Who.  This version is from the record Live At Leeds.  Bassist John Entwistle should have been arrested for aggravated assault after this performance.  He creates an aggressive, muscular,  and highly distorted sound on this track, complete with wild slides, hammer-ons, 3 finger picking technique, you name it.  From his driving bass line to the gymnastic solo breaks, Entwistle’s playing on this classic track has inspired a whole generation of bassists.

For this recording Entwistle used his 1965 ‘Frankenstein’ Fender Precision Bass through Hiwatt heads and speaker cabinets.

About his bass and amp setup courtesy of TheWho.net

JE: I put [Frankenstein] together in San Francisco on a day off part way through a Who tour. It’s the remains of five smashed basses hence the name ‘Frankenstein’. In the mid 70’s it was retired from stage work so I had it refinished from sunburst into its present pink colour. I used this baby from 1967 onwards through ‘Tommy’ and all the tours up to ‘Quadrophenia’…The neck, pickups and circuitry are from a ‘dead’ slab bass, the tailpiece from a Jazz bass, the pickguard from a black P bass and the machine heads from 2 white P basses…Two hours with a Phillips screwdriver and a soldering iron and I was ranting around my hotel room screaming “It’s alive, it’s alive!”
“I used Frankenstein through Hiwatts for the whole of ‘Tommy’, ‘Live At Leeds’ and ‘Who’s Next’.”

Accurate TABS are here.  Videos are below.

“My Generation” Isolated Bass

Isolated Bass and Drums

Original Track