Darkglass Vintage Microtubes Pedal

The new Darkglass Electronics Vintage Microtubes pedal is a beast.  This thing has an immense variety of sounds, from subtle overdrive to woolly gronk.  Below is a review and a great video demo of the Vintage in action.  Check it out.  You won’t regret it.

From Premier Guitar:

There’s an ongoing revolution happening in the world of stompboxes for bassists. Companies are producing pedals that are getting ever so close to reproducing some of the overdriven DI bass sounds that have fueled the rock world for decades. Using several eras of these classic sounds for their inspiration, Darkglass Electronics is one such company. But they are challenging some of the conventional offerings with the introduction of their Microtubes Vintage pedal. It’s meant to deliver a wide spectrum of classic, overdriven bass tones from the’70s up through the ’90s—not just emulating one particular amp model.

Woolly Gronk.

Woolly Gronk.

There are no “microtubes” in this pedal (or any tubes at all for that matter), so don’t let the name fool you. Its four controls include level, blend, drive, and what Darkglass calls an ERA knob. A tonal-time machine of sorts that acts as a filter and adds dynamic control at the same time, the ERA control is this stompbox’s secret sauce. This is probably why it’s accessibly located at the upper-right side of the pedal. If I were going to adjust only one knob during a gig, it turns out it would be this one.

Like most overdrive pedals, the Microtubes Vintage has the standard blend and drive controls, but its most important control is certainly the ERA. This control is kind of like an overdrive modeler, but not based on any one specific amp. After studying different time periods, amps of the day, and recording techniques, Darkglass set out to build in the attributes of a variety of vintage, overdrive sounds into this control. Set at its minimum, the ERA knob will boost the mids and add warmth to the overall tone. As you roll the ERA up, more definition is added, and the tone becomes more aggressive. And when combining the ERA control with the blend and drive, you can take your tone across a wide spectrum of possibilities, but within the vintage parameters. Yes, the Microtubes Vintage can take you to wonderfully warm, overdriven sounds with an edgy punch, but if you’re looking for ultra-modern, industrial-sounding overdrive, this isn’t your horse.


Darkglass Vintage Microtubes Demo by Pryemaxe Vintage