Z.Vex Basstortion

I read about Z.Vex’s new bass distortion pedal Basstortion the other day.  It’s just been released, so I only found two video demos (one from NAMM 2012 and the other is in German – don’t ask).  I don’t really need a new pedal, but that has never stopped me before.   If you haven’t heard the Z.Vex line of guitar and bass pedals then you need to check them out!

Z.Vex Effects is an effects pedal company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their name derives from the name of founder Zachary Vex who is a respected innovator in the business, and by some described as a “mad scientist”.

The new Basstortion pedal replicates a bass tube amp (modeled after the SVT) being pushed hard.  With a tube amp, how hard you play will change the amount of distortion. It is very sensitive to your right hand technique.  Most bass distortion pedals can’t replicate that sensitivity.  I’m looking forward to trying out this pedal and then I’ll write a review…


Here’s a another video demo, but it’s in German.